The inspiration behind this project was to create art pieces that communicate a message, developing my abstract designs to be more than purely visual artworks. I wanted to create my own visual language in which I could use texture, colour, shape and pattern to convey meaning. The angle I took with this concept was to communicate feelings and emotions, which lead me to create my project focused around mental health recovery, and the processes involved in cognitive behavioural therapy including identifying negative thought patterns, and the techniques involved in unravelling them.
I decided to base my project around CBT as I wanted to make this project about mental illness positive, not dwelling on the negative sides of mental illness but acknowledging them in order to understand the  methods of counteracting them.
This project is a surface level introduction to the process of cognitive behavioral therapy. I want to show people how simple it can be to reevaluate your negative thought patterns. I hope to introduce CBT to people who are unfamiliar with the process of it, so hopefully they will come away with more knowledge of it than before, hopefully destigmatizing therapy and making it feel less intimidating. 
I also hope to make something that is relatable to people who have been through the process of CBT, making it feel less taboo to talk about.
Conveying aspects of CBT with shape and colour represents how visualizing your thoughts can help us understand our minds better. There is a lot of generic imagery associated with mental illness, I wanted to create something that is different and refreshes, that works as a set of images but has a meaning that could make it appliable to wider contexts, and brings attention to a subject that I feel is important.
I want to bring attention to an issue that a lot of people deal with, and introduces a positive and accessible way for people to face that issue. I want it to destigmatize the process of recovery to make it a less intimidating subject, simplifying it to show people how simple things can change your mindset.
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